A Bout to Benefit 2017 (#abtb2017) was the second year that the event was held at Melrose Memorial Hall, and again it didn't disappoint. The return of our resident DJ Dylan kept the atmosphere up between bouts and the crowd pleased. Below is the list of bouts.


Bout List

Bout 1 - Super Heavyweight

Joesph Paulson (W) vs Christos Theodorou

Bout 2 - Middleweight

Richard McKeown (W) vs Donal Quinn

Bout 3 - Super Heavyweight

Patrick Sanders vs John Villare (W)

Bout 4 - Welterweight

Lydia Skrabonja (W) vs Shrijal Shah (W)

Bout 5 - Middleweight

Kris Ni vs Corey McCann (W)

Bout 6 - Super Heavyweight

Jonathan Jenkins (W) vs Marc Davenport

Bout 7 - Welterweight

Amanda Ferreira (W) vs Maura Grey

Bout 8 - Super Heavyweight

John Doyle (W) vs Angel Nieves

Bout 9 - Heavyweight

Matthew Norraik (W) vs Eric Mejia