A Bout to Benefit 2016 (#abtb2016) was the first year that the event was held at Melrose Memorial Hall. A fantastic night was had by all Below is the list of bouts.


Bout List

Bout 1 Super Heavyweight

Jay Cabral (W) vs Colm Shannon

Bout 2 Heavyweight

Nipun Sud (W) vs Jorge de la Garza

Bout 3 Middleweight

Dan Schlauch vs Tim Sheridan (W)

Bout 4 Light Heavyweight

Gary Sherlock vs Romani Morris (W)

Bout 5 Heavyweight

Nicole Bure (W) vs Carolyn Wengler

Bout 6 Super Heavyweight

Jarrad Langley vs Keith Peifer Jr. (W)

Bout 7 Light Heavyweight

Ian Fein (W) vs Robert Bobby Alexander

Bout 8 Middleweight

Chris McMahon (W) vs Ryan Montoni

Bout 9 Light Welterweight

Michelle Gould (W) vs Michelle Rodriguez

Bout 10 Super Heavyweight

Brian Rooney vs Fred Lane (W)

Bout 11 Heavyweight

Chris Wicken vs Dan Reale (W)