2014 Event was again held in the Armenian Hall in Watertown, MA. The event was streamed live and you can view it here.


Bout List

Bout 1 - Heavyweight

Graham Cathcart (W) vs Mark Huang

Bout 2 - Lightweight

Alexandria Papa (W) vs Eve Aguilar

Bout 3 - Super Heavyweight

Varun Mazumdar (W) vs Kevin Goetz

Bout 4 - Heavyweight

Robert Brennan vs Ruaridh Macdonald (W)

Bout 5 - Bantamweight

Sarah Gupton (W) vs Colleen Lobner

Bout 6 - Welterweight

Samir Agarwal vs Cóbhan Phillipson (W)

Bout 7 - Middleweight

Alexandra Toumar (W) vs Jessica Foley

Bout 8 - Welterweight

Stephen Denham (W) vs Ian (Lucas) Schmitt

Bout 9 - Heavyweight

Damien Biggs (W) vs Rachit Chhikara

Bout 10 - Heavyweight

Xaymara Saez (W) vs Rachel Gaffney

Bout 11 - Heavyweight

Nicholas Wilson (W) vs Xavier Salort

Bout 12 - Super Heavyweight

Matthew Adendorff (W) vs Zachary Boswell