The inaugural A Bout To Benefit event was held on March 2nd at the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center in Watertown, MA. The event was comprised of eleven entertaining, competitive bouts that were fought in front of a sell-out crowd. The fight of the night was broadly accepted as the final fight of the night between Mick O'Connor and Cody Patrick, which was won by Mick after a grueling three rounds.


Bout List

Bout 1 - Middleweight

Dave Cannistraro (w) vs Eoin Barry | video

Bout 2 - Heavyweight

John Gaffney vs Frank O'Sullivan (w) | video

Bout 3 - Heavyweight

Sebastian Bibi vs Colm O'Dushlaine (w) | video

Bout 4 - Welterweight

Molly Philips vs Nicha Emir (w) | video

Bout 5 - Heavyweight

Niall O'Connor vs John Cavanagh (w) | video

Bout 6 - Heavyweight

John Blake (w) vs Jason Gomes | video

Bout 7 - Lightweight

Ashley Thomo (w) vs Emily Woodcock | video

Bout 8 - Super Heavyweight

Zach Boswell (w) vs Matt Adendorff | video

Bout 9 - Lightweight

Lydie Morel (w) vs Jackie Stanley | video

Bout 10 - Light Heavyweight

John Foley (w) vs Eoin McQuinn | video

Bout 11 - Super Heavyweight

Cody Patrick vs Mick O'Connor (w) | video

Pre-Bout Intensity


Battle of the Heavyweights


Some Well Needed Hydration


Sizing Up The Opposition