Meet the Participants: Liz Balaconis

What is your boxing nickname?



Lithuanian Sledgehammer

What music are you going to play as you enter the ring?

Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benetar

What inspired you to take part in this year's event?

My uncle was a boxer in college, with his own cheering section called the Scally Alley.  To this day, you can find him coaching our family through mini boxing exercises while we're just hanging out in our kitchen.  I'm excited to hop in the ring myself and see if boxing runs in the family.

What has been the toughest part of your training so far?

That heavy bag.  When you're getting close to 2 hours at the gym and the heavy bag is the next on the list.  I'm getting told to punch faster, move my feet, tuck my chin, and go faster.  That's when I feel like breaking, and I almost do, but you just have to keep pushing through the pain and being tired.

Who is your boxing inspiration or favorite boxer?

Maggie Fitzgerald

What has been the most enjoyable part of training so far?

I like hopping in the ring with the boxing coaches and working on punch combinations.

Have any of your preconceptions about boxing have been changed since you started training?

So much of boxing training is outside the ring. It takes a lot of discipline and repetition to become a good boxer.

What is your greatest sporting achievement to date?

I was the Female Intramural Athlete of the Year at my college.