Meet the Participants: Isaac Roes

What is your boxing nickname?

The "Eh" Team



What music are you going to play as you enter the ring?

"Oh Canada" by Classified

What inspired you to take part in this year's event?

It was the first A Bout To Benefit event in 2013 that inspired me to participate in this event. Being good friends with many of the organizers and participants through the MIT Rugby Football Club, I attended the inaugural event and knew that it was something I would be interested in doing. I thought it would be an excellent way to challenge myself, get in shape, and most importantly, support a good cause. 

What has been the toughest part of your training so far?

The toughest part by far has been the physically demanding training and exhausting conditioning. Prior to training I considered myself to be reasonably fit, but every training session has left me completely spent, out of breath, and struggling to hold my arms up. 

Who is your boxing inspiration or favorite boxer?

Muhammad Ali

What has been the most enjoyable part of training so far?

At the same time, the toughest part of the training has also been the most enjoyable. Challenging myself day in and day out, slowly but surely noticing an improvement in my physical conditioning and boxing technique, and doing so with the support and encouragement of fellow participants. The other A Bout To Benefit participants are what really makes training enjoyable. It's nice seeing everyone step outside of their comfort zone, work hard, and help each other improve. 

Have any of your preconceptions about boxing have been changed since you started training?

I knew it would be hard work, but I didn't realize it would be this hard. Sitting in the audience two years ago it seemed easy - you just stand up there, keep your hands up, and punch the other person. Training as taught me that there is far more to it than that. Not the least of which is someone else trying to punch you. 

What is your greatest sporting achievement to date?

In all honesty, being named MIT Rugby Football Club Rookie of the Year for the Fall 2010 season. Second to that, I would say my greatest sporting achievement has been excelling at a variety of sports. Growing up I played almost exclusively soccer and later volleyball and track and field. More recently I have enjoyed challenging myself by getting involved in other sports whether it's rugby, skiing, rock climbing, or boxing.