Meet the Participants: Justin Deflumeri

What would your boxing nickname be?




What music are you going to play as you enter the ring?

Barbie Girl by Aqua 

What inspired you to take part in this year's event?

I always wanted to try boxing. I always wanted to have a fight someday. This event motivated me to follow a dream and give me a chance to train, and have a fight. It also represents a great cause. Plus I cant wait to throw down! 

What has been the toughest part of your training so far?

The diet around the holidays. I wish I could eat way more pizza.

Who is you boxing inspiration or favorite boxer?

Paulie Maliginagi 

What has been the most enjoyable part of training so far?

Having people telling me they see progress .

Have any of your preconceptions about boxing have been changed since you started training?

It does not matter how fast you can run, or how long. Its a different ball game when your in that ring getting punched.

What is your greatest sporting achievement to date?

Starting a college baseball team, and giving kids a chance to play a sport at the college level.