Boxer FAQ


So what is the event all a bout?

2018 will be the sixth annual A Bout to Benefit. The event sees more than twenty volunteers, who have never boxed before, step into the ring after three months of training. Last year’s event sold out in advance and raised more than $55,000 with all proceeds going to the MJD Foundation. The MJD Foundation raises pediatric cancer research funds for MGH Children's and contributes to Camp Sunshine, a respite camp for cancer suffering children and their families. The Foundation has 501c tax exemption and all members are volunteers meaning every dollar raised goes to charity.

What are the responsibilities of participants?

  • Attend a free training program with professional trainers for approx 12 weeks preceding the event
  • Promote the event among their network
  • Raise sponsorship, in the form of the sale of twenty tickets in advance of the event
  • Compete on the night in a fair and measured fashion in keeping with the spirit of the even

Boxer Ticket sales v Online Sales - How does that work?

Each boxer has been given twenty physical tickets to sell. Physical tickets from boxers are priced at $40, online tickets are $45. Anyone who purchases one of these tickets will need the physical ticket to gain entrance on the night. The boxers should collect all ticket money and return to a committee member (at a gym visit or boxer meetup). Online ticket sales are will-call only. If a friend of a boxer would prefer to purchase online, they can do so. This online sale will be will-call ONLY and the boxer SHOULD NOT supply that person with a ticket. 

When paying for tickets, who should a check be made out to?

All funds from the event go to the "Michael J Dunleavy Foundation". Please have checks made out in this name

When will I know the opponent and weight division for my bout?

All bouts must be matched by weight. The match-ups are finalized three to four weeks before the event. We will have you send us your updated weight throughout the training period. Before matching the bouts, we will come and watch you all spar at your gyms. We will then match the bouts and announce the fight card (including weight division for each bout) based on weights and abilities to ensure we have the most competitive bouts.

How do the weight divisions work?

Weight divisions are outlined in the following table. In general, the maximum weight difference is less for boxers in the lower weight categories than the higher weight categories. Super Heavyweight has no maximum weight difference as long as both boxers are about 178 lbs (Female) or 201 lbs (male). If boxers straddle two weight categories the fight can go ahead as long as the weight difference is less than the maximum difference for the lower weight category.


I'm underweight for my division, what do I do?
First, it is very important that you make weight. If you do not the bout will not be allowed to go ahead. Obviously the first step is to increase your calorie surplus in the days before the event. If on the morning of the event you are still underweight then calorie and hydration control on the day is critical. As stated elsewhere, the weigh in and other registration activities will take place at 5pm in the hall. You should ensure that you have eaten well during the day and are fully hydrated. Full hydration can add lbs to your weight (32 oz of water weighs two pounds). Once the weigh-in is complete you will have time before the bout to de-hydrate!

I'm overweight for my division, what do I do?
First, it is very important that you make weight. If you do not the bout will not be allowed to go ahead. Obviously the first step is to increase your calorie deficit in the days before the event. If on the morning of  the event you are still a few lbs overweight then Calorie and hydration control on the day is critical.  As stated elsewhere, the weigh in and other registration activities will take place at 5pm in the hall. You should ensure that you limit your hydration and calorie intake on the day of the event. Full hydration can add lbs to your weight (32 oz of water weighs two pounds) so weighing in while a little dehydrated will help. Once the weigh-in is complete you will have time before the bout to re-hydrate and fuel up!


What is the date and venue of the event?
The event is confirmed for Saturday, April 21st, 2018. The venue is the Memorial Hall, Melrose, MA

What time is the first and last bout?
The first bout will begin at 7.30 pm. The final bout will likely begin at 11.30pm. The order of the bouts will be decided by the committee based on the best mix of weights/bouts etc

How many rounds and how long are the rounds?
Each bout is scheduled for three rounds, each of two minute duration. There is a break of one minute between rounds

Can you give me an idea of what the event/fights look like?
Sure. All of last years bouts are available to view on Youtube. Click this link: This will give you an idea of the bouts, the atmosphere and the venue. 

Will the event be televised?
Yes, per the link above, we provided a live stream on Youtube last year and will do so again in 2017. Please direct any supporters who cannot make the event in Melrose to LIKE our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Event so they will get all the updates and be provided with the link to the live stream

What time do I need to be at the venue?
All Boxers must report to the venue at 4pm. Boxers should head upstairs to the changing rooms for registration and pre bout activities as follows:

  • Register with the USA Boxing Officials
  • Present your "fit to box" form signed by your doctor before the event
  • Visit the Event Doctor for a Medical Inspection
  • Weigh In to ensure you meet the Official Weight Category
  • Wrapping of hands
  • All boxers will attend a briefing from the Senior USA Boxing Official who will describe the running order and any other details

Are there official referees and Judges?
The event is fully sanctioned by USA Boxing. The equipment, referees and officials are all USA Boxing people. All USA Boxing rules apply and will be enforced by the officials who will have the final say in all things boxing at the event.

Is there food available, how should I plan my diet on the night?
Water will be provided free of charge to boxers in the changing area. There is food for sale at the venue but it will be pizza and snacks only. Since you may have a long wait between weigh-in and your bout you should plan to bring any pre/post bout food that you require with you.

Explain what happens as I enter the ring.
Prior to the event you will be asked to send us your chosen entrance song. We will play this as you enter the hall and make your way to the ring accompanied by your flag bearer who will hold your national flag. This entrance song will play for approx 30 seconds. We encourage you to dramatize your entrance as much as possible. Feel free to arrive in costume, bring props for your entrance or anything else that will enhance the spectacle. Please ensure you return to USA Boxing approved attire once you enter the ring.

What type of clothes do I wear during the fight?
Boxers (male/female) must wear a sleeveless athletic shirt (singlet or jersey). Those fighting from the Red Corner should wear a Red Vest and those in the Blue corner should wear a Blue vest. The shorts can be of any color as long as there is separation of colors at the waistband

What type of clothes do I wear when not fighting?

All Boxers will be required to enter the ring at the beginning of the event for the singing of the National Anthem. It's best that you are in Boxing/Athletic clothes for this. Between this time and your bout you may wear what you like once you are properly attired for your ring entrance. As mentioned elsewhere, once you have finished your bout, met the doctor, received your passbook and medal and had your photo taken, you are free to change into any attire and meet your supporters in the hall.

May I use my own Boxing gloves on the night?
All fights will use 10 oz. gloves. These will be provided by USA Boxing on the night. You may NOT use your own gloves

What equipment will I need on the night?
Bring own headgear, mouthguard & wraps (and cup for men - any style as long as groin is protected)
22.1. Gumshields (mouth piece) must be worn by Boxers during all Bouts.
22.2. No red or partially red colored gumshield (mouth pieces) may be worn

Should I buy my own headgear?
You are free to purchase your own headgear if you wish. However, we will be providing shared headgear on the night if you wish to use that instead. If you choose to purchase your own headgear, it has to be USA Boxing approved (sporting a USA boxing logo). Consult with your trainers on which headgear to purchase if you choose this option.

Is facial hair allowed?
Boxers must be clean-shaved before all Medical Examinations. Beards and moustaches will not be allowed. No type of body piercing and no body accessories will be permitted to be worn during a Bout.

Can I bring my own corner person?
USA Boxing regulations dictate that only officially trained corner persons are allowed inside the ring as corner persons. Feel free to bring a friend to help you warm up or encourage you from outside the ring. Only our officially trained and assigned corner people will be allowed assist you in the ring during rounds.

What happens at the end of my fight?
You will be sent to your corners. Your corner person will remove your gloves and return them to the Glove table. The ref will bring the boxers together and announce the Bout Result. Boxers should then exit the ring and make their way to the Foyer for their post Bout picture with our event photographer. You will receive your medal at this point. After this you are free to return to the changing rooms, change your clothes and enjoy the evening.

Are there showers available at the venue?
There are no showers available. There are changing rooms where you can warm-up store your gear and change afterward. Wipes, a towel and your toiletries have been sufficient for boxers to get cleaned up

Tell me how a bout is judged by the official? What is the judge looking for from my boxer?
Each judge will independently score the merits of the two (2) boxers using the scoring system based on the following criteria which are weighted equally:
Number of quality blows on target area
Domination of the bout
Technique and tactics superiority
Non-infringement of the rules.
After each round, the judge must apply the following criteria to score the round:
10 vs. 9 – Close round
10 vs. 8 – Clear winner
10 vs. 7 – Total dominance
10 vs. 6 – Overmatched

If my boxer is losing the round by a wide margin and knocks the opponent down in the last 30 seconds, will my boxer win the round?
No, the boxer scoring the knockdown would probably not win the round since they lost the majority of the round. This is not like the professional scoring system where a knockdown wins you a round. The judges have to judge the total performance of the boxer from the first second to the last and then make an evaluation as to who was the superior boxer in that total round.

What happens once the event is over?
We will organize a brunch on the day after the event. This brunch will be held in the one of our sponsor venues. The Druid was a key sponsor in 2016 and the brunch was held there. We will aim to organize similar this year. A few months after the event we will get everyone back together to watch the fight videos and recap on the event

When will I know the time of my bout?
This information will not be shared before the event. It will be decided based on a balance of weight divisions, male/female bouts and the best running order for the night. All boxers will be required to be in the hall at 4pm on the day of the event for registration/weigh-in/doctor check. The running order of the bouts will be shared with the boxers at the hall on the night, based on approval from USA Boxing.

Will I be allowed to use my wraps or will I need gauze and tape? Who will provide the gauze and tape and do the taping?
"You will NOT be allowed to use your regular training wraps under the gloves during the fight. All boxers will require gauze and tape. We will have wrappers on hand at 4pm, wrapping all boxers hands before the event begins at 7pm.
Here is an example of how the hands are gauzed and taped.
The USA Boxing rules on the taping are as follows:

23.1.All USA Boxing Bouts must be contested using bandages (gauze or valpeau) that meet the specifications
below. If the event organizer provides bandages, then those are the only bandages acceptable for said competition.
23.2. Use of Bandages
23.2.1. The Equipment Inspector(s) will sign off directly on the bandage verifying its compliance as outlined

23.3. Specifications

23.3.1. In all categories, the bandage for each hand shall be made of: Gauze Specifications a maximum of 15 meters (49 feet) length and 5 centimeters (2 inches) width of Gauze may be used for each hand and a maximum of 5 meters (16 feet) length and 10 centimeters (4 inches) width of Gauze may be used to pad the knuckles. Surgeon's Tape: A maximum 5 meters (16 feet) length and 2.50 centimeters (1 inch) width In all categories, surgeon's tape, no more than five (5) Millimeters (0.25 inches) wide, may be applied between the fingers. Bandages may be applied in any way, provided that the knuckles of his hand are not covered by the surgeon's tape. Tape must be applied at a minimum of one inch behind the knuckles. Gauze padding may be used to cover the knuckles. Valpeau Specifications Bandages must not be longer than 4.5m (14.76 feet), and not shorter than 2.5m (8.2feet). Bandages must be 5.7cm (2 ¼ inches) wide. Bandages must be made of stretchy cotton material with a Velcro closure. The use of any substance on the bandages is prohibited."

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Memorial Hall is handicap-accessible. Please contact the ABTB committee if you have any specific seating needs. 

What does the Venue Layout look like? Are there tables and seats? Is there Standing Room?

The Venue Layout diagram is as below. The only tables are those purchased in advance by the Platinum Sponsors. These tables are located on the stage. There is Stadium seating on three sides of the venue and chairs on the floor on three sides of the ring. There is a standing area between the stage and the ring itself